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TIYM Publishing Company, Inc. (www.tiym.com), the creator of ScholarSite.com, is committed to provide scholarship resources to as broad an audience as possible, so that no student is left behind or denied a higher education due to a lack of awareness concerning available financial resources.


Knox College National Merit Scholarship $6000-$8000/yr
Knox College Transfer Student Scholarship $8000/yr
Lyon College Presbyterian Fellowship $7500/yr
Lyon College Long Fellowship $7,500/yr
Biola University Scholarships for Underrepresen... $4,000-6,500
University of the Ozarks Commitment to Excellence Schol... $2000-$4500/yr
Whittier College Talent Scholarship $1,000-12,000
Mercer University Penfield Scholarships $7500
Mercer University Penfield Scholarships $7500
Mercer University Penfield Scholarships $7500
Mercer University Penfield Scholarships $7500
Mercer University Penfield Scholarships $7500

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